The Best Fidget Spinners With Reviews: Which Brands Are Good? [2023]

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Which fidget spinner to buy?

Have you heard or seen this hot new trend? ?

Then you must be quite aware of a fidget spinner- the revolutionized sensation which even made some schools banned its usage. 

You’re probably curious what it is and are looking for the best ones, because there are many many different types out there! ?

With the huge influx of different brands and companies it’s why I created this list to help you choose the right one from the start!

Well, this is just not a simple ordinary toy and if claims are to be believed this helps in easing anxiety and calming your nerves.

So next time, your nerves are just bursting out of anger, remember this special invention! ?

Best fidget spinners - Top 6 List

Fidget Product NameBrandAverage spin time
Metal Hand Spinner CollectionWangyue4-5 minutes Check Price
Original 360 R188 BearingEWR Products2-4 minutes Check Price
Upgraded High Speed Gorilla SpinnerGorilla Spinners2-3 minutes Check Price
ADHD Fidget Toy, EDC Hand SpinnerApsung4-6 minutes Check Price
Focus Toy Ultra Durable High SpeedTYZEST5-6 minutes Check Price
Spinner Pro i5 GoldInfinity Fidget5-6 minutes Check Price

The List With Reviews!

With a plethora of choices, the online portals are flooded with various fidget spinners to choose from.

With its increasing demand, many new designs are popping up every now and then.

While this toy may seem to be pretty simple and actually quite convenient to for kids and adults, the different available options makes shopping a spinner quite confusing.

Some highlighted versions are enlisted here. Check them out and find the one that suits you: ? ?

Wangyue Metal Hand Spinner Collection

This one is aluminum built, the rainbow designed fidget spinner is one of the best purchases for people with symptoms like nail biting, leg shaking, smoking and attention disorder.

With 6 cm length that is ideal for all people, the hybrid ceramic ball bearing takes care of the performance.

Also got a ton of different unique designs, very creative and fun ones. ?


  • Best quality alloy used, reason for the ultimate quality qualification.
  • Ergonomics carved shape ideal for hands.
  • Ideal for people with medical issues
  • Genuine parts guarantee from Wangyue.


  • Bit overly priced, not suited for everyones budget
  • It does make some noise.
  • Use of metal can makes it quite heavy to use for some.

This is available to buy on amazon below: ?

Gorilla Spinners

Next one on this best fidget spinners list is this white toy is a fantastic purchases to be made with plastic body and 6 moving balls.

A tested and guaranteed product, a long spinning time is guaranteed with the help of stainless steel bearing located centrally, also read

This is again an ideal solution for someone who wants to quit a bad habit or just to have fun with. ?


  • Ideal for people suffering from autism, anxiety, focusing problem, ADD and ADHD.
  • Extremely durable with ABS plastic frame and 2 stainless steel caps.
  • The counterweight balls provide the centrifugal force, resulting in a longer spin. ?
  • Comes in a premium metal box, which makes it worthy to be gifted.


  • High price may make it bothersome to afford.
  • While the plastic body helps with the light weight part, there has been some question with it being considered a junk item.
  • The design is comparatively outdated considering the current list of gorgeous designs available in the market.

EWR 360 Fidget Spinner Toy

Next up on my best fidget spinner list is EWR Original 360 Fidget Toy R188 bearing: With ceramic core bearing and steel bearings as counterweights, this provides frictionless fidget for 1-4 minutes. Weighing around 1.6 ounces, this is yet another ideal product even if you want to stay awake during long drives. Available in black color, the plastic body makes it quite light weight.


  • The model upgraded into concave caps, R188 bearing and 3 outer bearings makes it a worth buy spinner.
  • The plastic body makes it extremely durable.
  • People with disorders can get extremely benefitted from its usage.
  • Spinning can be done with just one or both hands for hours.
  • Not much noise, great plus for best fidget spinners.
  • Useful for patients with nervous disorders.


  • The center bearing cannot be removed
  • If exposed to any liquid medium, the bearings can get destroyed.
  • It works fine in hands and lacks when tried as a table spinner.
  • By far, these are not high end spinners.

Apsung Fidget Toy

For a smooth spinning experience, this can be the product of your choice. Small and compact, it features makes it a good spinner for adults and kids.

The copper made provides it stability and can even be used to spin on the pen. The CNC technology embedded round corners protects the finger from hurting. While shock proof and durable, the price can be a factor for some.


  • With a long spinning time up to 6 minutes, this ensures a smooth performance throughout.
  • Simple with no sharp edges, the bearing is removable and easy to maintain. ✅ ?
  • Ideal for patients suffering from ADHD focus problems.
  • Its copper built makes it more durable and stable.
  • Compact size makes it easy to carry.


  • Copper built gives it some weight.
  • A bit overly priced.
  • Pretty ordinary design.
  • Bearing maintenance needs alcohol and use of oil is strictly restricted.

TYZEST Spinner Fidget

Another copper built spinner, this does not provide quite a long spinning experience and is limited up to a period of 3-8 minutes on an average. This 3.2 ounces product has 100% copper material which provides the high quality as well as durability. The bearings are made of ceramics, helping in the fast rotation.


  • High speed and performance even on tables.
  • Small and compact structure makes it pocket friendly.
  • Helps people with restlessness syndromes or in case of people staying awake.
  • Spinning can be done with only one hand or both.
  • The built in copper provide hardness.
  • Removable bearing and can be replaced with its demolition.


  • Copper adds to its weight.
  • Design is very simple
  • Highly priced compared to its design and features
  • Makes noise while spinning on the table.

Infinity Fidget Spinner Pro i5, Gold

And lastly on my best fidget spinners reviews list. With concave finger grips, this is the classy spinners when it comes to look. With R188 bearings, this guarantees the smoothest performances.

It’s no noise features makes it an ideal one for office or school use. The tri-spinner design is easy, well balanced and compact in size. This one is probably the most exclusive luxurious toy, everyone will probably turn their heads when they see this one! ?


  • Simple yet classy design ?
  • Durable and provides the best spinning experience.
  • The spinner trick and care guide that comes along with the box makes it easy to use.
  • Metal body makes it a good hand spinner.
  • Provided a balanced spin up to 5 minutes. ?
  • Helps in boosting concentration and effective in case of individuals’ suffering from focus issues.
  • Compact structure makes it pocket friendly, great plus for best fidget spinners.


  • The price may be bothersome
  • Quite an ordinary design compared to the price and number of options available.
  • Noisy, when spinning is done on the table.

While there are multiple options available online, choose the spinner according to your necessity.

While noise is a very important factor when it comes to using it in schools or offices, so checking in details about this particular feature will help in a good purchase.

While the review may vary from one site to another, it should also be kept in mind that these are mechanically joined products and is subjected to degradation and manufacturing defects. However, while the pros and cons should also be considered and not overlooked, this doesn’t always justify any quality or product when it comes to a gadget. So with these guide and reviews it should gave you some help on choosing one.

While it is often seen that for a period of time it works absolutely fine and gradually degrades, or at the first place it doesn’t perform as promised, or even if you are lucky enough, your product can just work absolutely fine throughout.

Well, to cut it short, while it is essential to go through the reviews before a purchase, it is your luck also to some extent which guarantees the longevity of any particular product.

What Is A Fidget Spinner?

So typically, it is a stress reliving toy and is available built in different types of materials such as brass, titanium, copper, stainless steel and plastic.

Unlike any ordinary toys, it helps any individual with a trouble in focusing by releasing a mechanism for stress or any nervous breakdown.

While playing with it, optimum distraction is provided to ease out your brain, thereby helping to function normally.

It has seen to be an effective toy for people suffering from anxiety, ADD, stress and ADHD. All these features make this toy the latest sensations of 2017.

Popularity And Demand

This was first invented by Catherine Hettinger of Orlando. It marked its inception in 1993 and finally patented this toy in 1997.

Although created with the intention of calming down childrens, it didn’t become popular then and sadly the inventor couldn’t earn any profit out of it. However, the original version of this producta couple of fidget spinners disassembled in multiple colors is soon going to be online.

What we see today is far more an evolutionary product and the original one is less technical and more spherical. Over the years, this simple toy could gain such popularity that it is the talk of the town now.

Every individual irrespective of the age are aiming to have at least one of these. And, why not? Some popular versions are designed in such a way that when played with, it gives an enticing looks.

While, even the inventor probably doesn’t know the real reason behind its popularity, its different shapes portraying snowflakes, Batman symbol, rainbow pattern and even throwing stars, although creates the interest even more; but this cannot be just the reason for its popularity over the years.

May be its simple design and the ease with which it can be played creates the real magic.

Back then, when it was just a simple toy, no one could have even thought that it would even surpass the popularity of ‘Pokemon Go’.

But it did and the different shapes and materials, with which it is made, will even help in attracting a huge amount of customers in future.

Keeping the health benefits aside, which is also a predominant factor of its popularity, this simple toy is addictive and fun and any age group can get excited with its use. Ease of use and ‘no noise’ feature takes it to a whole new level. 

The Grand Design!

This is a pretty simple built which uses a bearing in the circular pad that is located in the center. Bearings are usually made up of ceramics, stainless steel or hybrid designs. So in order to play, a purple rainbow fidget spinners in the handindividuals just need to hold the center while the toy will spin.

Well, in this small and compact design the most important role that is played here is by the ball bearing that helps in reducing the friction and helps in rotating for a long time.

The Physics!

To understand what is actually happening when someone tries to balance a fidget spinner in a finger and gives a whirl, there is some part of science involved which can clearly explain this fact. While friction is all about providing resistance to the motion which occurs when an object moves relative to the other, the ball bearing is what creates the real spark.

Well, let us elaborate it even more and with this example.

Across the floor, slide a block of wood and try to balance a marble. You’ll see that the marble goes far.

Why? Because in case of a rolling motion, friction associated with it is less than sliding friction.

Now when it comes to a fidget spinner, there is a bearing race on the centre and even on the wings of the toy, which creates a circular channel and the tiny balls rolls with very minimum friction.

In order to rotate an object, torque, which is also called, twisting force needs to come into play.

So, in case of a fidget spinner, while you are holding the center of ball bearing, the outer part spins with the outer bearing race. In short, a flick or a twist with the finger on the fidget sets it in motion and keeps on going due to low friction that is generated.

In case of the object having protrusions, assume that the ball bearing is not at the center of the mass, you can simply try to spin it with flick of the wrist.

On the other hand, the ball bearings located on the outer zone on the fidget spinner is mainly for weight.

Look Out For These Features on a fidget spinner!

Spinners vary in price and when it is about spending some extra bucks for it, certain points should be considered at the first place.

There are so many options available both online or offline and selecting the right one can be daunting enough.

So, considering them can give you a distinguishing idea about each product.

  • The built in material or the material with which the body is framed.
  • Material of the central part, the bearing which constitutes part of the smooth performance that it finally gives.
  • The design that you want or the shape as per the latest craze.
  • Size and weight
  • Choice of particular brand if any.

The Material often being used:

When it comes to material, there are three categories- cheap, mid-range and expensive.

So considering the price range that you can afford, the choice can be made based on that.

While the cheap spinners are usually made of plastic or any such material, the manufacturing cost is thus lessened and you can get the product at a range of 2-7 dollars.

The mid range products are generally made of wood, metal or even uses some high quality plastic, thereby providing durability and at the same time the price is increased to a range of 7-25 dollars. The expensive ones on the other hand are generally made up of metals and can cost you from 300- 100 dollars.

Depending on the inbuilt material, the price is usually set.

While for a beginner, it is wise to go for the cheap ones, again if you’re passionate about this amazing toy, you can even opt for the expensive ones. While the mid-range ones give the best features when it comes to design and price, it thus remains the popular choice for teens and adults.

Material Of The Bearing ‘The Central Axis’:

While this is the core ingredient that builds up the overall working phenomenon, numerous options on its built can be pretty confusing if you are unaware of the fact that the different types of bearings are made of. While ceramic bearing ensures a smooth performance, but it should also be kept in mind that it is pretty fragile.

But maximum of the spinners comes with these features. Though fragile, this type of bearing is quite handy and can last for a longer period of time if maintenance is properly done.

Since this type of bearings does not expand when exposed to heat, this becomes one of the most preferred choices for manufacturers. Again another most common bearing is the steel one, which is also pretty good but won’t give you a longer spin like that of the ceramic.

So, while ceramic bearing becomes the most favored one, there are several types of it which are less expensive too.

The two least expensive types are Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2) bearings and Silicone Nitride (Si3N4). While the former one gives the longer spin life compared to a steel bearing, the later provides the best spin length.

Design and the different shapes:

With a plethora of choices, when it comes to selecting the best design or shape as per your specification, it is completely dependent on what you want to choose from.

But do keep in mind that the spinner should appeal to you when rotated.

The visual aspect is one of the key things that at once make it attractive to you.

But while appealing is an important factor, comfort while using it shouldn’t also be overlooked and hence keep this factor in mind while shopping for a fidget spinner.

And while majority spinners these days are comfortable enough, it totally depends on you to find your comfortable one while keeping alive the design aspect in mind.


And so, when all the other important factors have been considered, the weight of the product is something that should be given a priority for a comfortable spinning.

Well, note that, when using a fidget spinner, it makes you quite addictive and hence you keep on just doing it as a natural phenomenon. When this is the case, a heavy one can make you uncomfortable so choose one that works for you.

Even if you’re purchasing it for your kid, it should be done considering this very important factor. Although, almost all spinners are designed with an optimum weight considering kids and adults, but when you’re spending some bucks for it, stability and a wonderful spinning session should be fully ensured.

The Brand:

This is an important factor if you’re opting for an expensive brand.

While there are some fake versions of top brands available online, make sure to go through the reviews again and again before a purchase. While something more than 30 dollar is a pretty good amount and considering this factor it is very important to recheck a product if your purchase includes investing on the higher zone.

While there are many top brands available online, make sure to go through all the features before ultimately purchasing it.

While doing it over the net, the T&C also plays a crucial role, and go through it again and again to avoid any problem in the future if you are returning it.

All these factors are crucial enough and help you in making judgments while purchasing a fidget spinner.  

There is no doubt that with this cool device, lot of individuals can get benefitted and autism being one of the prime disorders where its usage has showed great results.

With its benefits, it very well surpasses the addictive category where it is enlisted.

It may be addictive up to a certain point but acting as a substitute for boredom or for people suffering from withdrawal symptoms, every single thing gives it a reason to be considered for a purchase.

Best Fidget Spinner Tricks Tutorial

So for a beginner or an expertise in this spinning, there are several tricks that will easily help you to do it more quickly and efficiently.

With its craze, using a fidget spinner is not restricted to using it in some cozy corner of your house. Its popularity demands showcasing your skills, and this tricks are the right medium through which you can gain efficiency in this game. Have a look at them!

  • EASY
  • The Convertible: The simplest of all and the most basic one. For this, holding it with your thumb and middle finger, and flick the fidget with one hand. Make sure while doing so, the thumb should be on the top. After the spin, slowly remove your thumb from the fidget so that it gets balanced on the middle finger. Only thing to keep in mind is to hold on your patience to get the best precision. 
  • The Change-up: Pinch the fidget with the index finger and the thumb with one hand and try to toss it in the air. Without letting the spinner stop, try to hold it with the same fingers with the other hand. Repeat the process continuously for creating the magic! 
  • The Reverse Sonic: This process involves the use of some weight. With some form of outer weight, hold the spinner and toss it in the air. Catch it with your thumb and index finger while it is still in the mid-air. Make sure while doing so, the spinner doesn’t stop. 
  • The Polarity Switch: It is quite similar to the change up process. The same process is repeated here and only one hand is used for tossing and pinching it again from air. Keep on repeating the process without letting the spinner stops.
  • The X-tetrad Leapfrog: Follow the entire convertible process and keep on doing so until you reach the little finger. While this may require a lot of practice, once you can easily catch hold of the convertible process, things becomes quite easier. 
  • The Single Tap: To show some style while spinning, you can opt for this method. Showcase the skill while performing a convertible and this time try to hold it by the back of your hand, while keeping the rotation of the spinner on. After it is done, toss it again in the air and this time try to catch it with the index or middle finger and this way return to the convertible position finally.
  • HARD
  • The Double Tap: For this, you need to do the single tap method twice. This is pretty tough considering the spin which gets slowed down eventually after the second tap. While this requires precision, your skill with a fidget spinner can be surely seen if you can master this process.
  • The 9-Fingered Death Punch: The need here is to perform the X-tetrad Leapfrog and let it spinning on the little finger. Once this is achieved the next goal is to toss it again in the air and try to hold it with the index finger. The process needs to be repeated again and again starting from the X-tetrad Leapfrog method.

Heres a video showing some more outdoor fidget spinner tricks:

These tricks can create the real magic for you and while all these cannot be achieved within a day, practicing it again and again will do it for you.

Make this amazing fidget spinner toy more exciting by spinning it in different ways. The game with this toy is not just limited to overcome monotony and boredom and more beyond than just this! 

The Reason For The Ban In School!

Although, they have been there for years, they couldn’t really make so much popularity until now.

The last year and mostly this year have seen a huge rise in demand for this cool toy, owing to which some of the schools have even banned its usage. So, what is it that makes this spinner so easy to use?

With its numerous other features, the most highlighted one is its simple use, no noise and pocket friendly nature.

These two features enables it to be used anywhere. And therefore, school or office is not any exception. Pretty simple and small and compact structure adds to its ease of use.

But with its regular use and especially in schools, it can be very distracting.

It has become a quite common scenario, where students are seen so engrossed with the spinning activity that they lack focus on the education part. So, a healthy and controlled use and simply not overdoing it anytime will make the right use of the toy.

While it is marketed with the main focus on the health issues, this is in fact a good thing for bringing in the focus of some of the kids who lacks it.

This way it is of tremendous help. But when it comes to normal students, the distraction from studies creates the real cause of worry among the teachers, who are left with no other option but to ban its usage during the school hours.

Emphasis On The Health!

With its popularity, it is claimed to how positive effects on patients suffering from ADHD, autism, stress or anxiety. Though there are some questions whether how much it helps.

Well, this can be established with the fact that the constant spinning, which creates a fun moment, it can also help you to calm down the nerves, thereby making it one of the best ‘stress reliever’.

Although there has not been much of research to prove how it exactly works on calming the anxiety or several other disorders, but when used on patients, the effects were seen.

And this is how, the fidget spinner got highlighted. And over the period of time, it thus became one of the other names to regain focus.

Thus, kids or adults, irrespective of their age consider this cool spinner an essential part of their life.

While for the adults, this can again be an alternative way to release the stress during tight working hours, getting addicted to it will lead to its use in a negative way.

While its inception was when the creator was suffering from an autoimmune disease and was left with no other option to attend the child, the first construction was then done with newspapers and tape, attaching them together to compose a spinner.

And thanks to the numerous forms of evolution over the time that made it far more durable, attractive and a fun element.

Get Your Own DIY Spinner Done!

While there is an array of option available in the internet and probably this is the simple way to get one, but doing it on your own can be fun and entertaining.

This crafty tool can then be even highlighted in schools, work place or anywhere. The process is pretty simple and you can just do it within few minutes.

Show it in your school projects or just create it for you. But if you’re a kid, make sure to do it in front of your parents to avoid any form of injury. Here is how you make your own DIY style.

With some basic materials that are available at your house, a spinner will be just ready for you. Know what you have to do from here!

  1. Remove the ink insert from a pen and cut a 1.5 inch long smooth section. Instead of a pen, you can also use a cylindrical small structure.
  2. In a half-inch PVC 4 way connector, drill a hole, slightly larger than the pen that you are using.
  3. The next step is sliding the pen into each segment of the hole.
  4. Now, put the pen between your thumb and finger, which will easily spin the fidget in just few seconds.

While this may seem to be pretty easy, it is so considering the ease with which it is constructed. But it requires precision and if you’re unable to drill the holes properly, it is better to take some other means of help. Ask any adult to help you out in such situation. And make sure to use the one that suits your style and preference.

Doing it on your own leaves you with advantages, this can be created again and again with very minimal expense and within a short span of time. And there is no risk involved to get degraded due to lack of maintenance or dropping it somewhere.

But while the advantages are something that cannot be overlooked, it is also true that beautiful designs can only be purchased and this home made one cannot surpass this fact. 

However, creating something on your own is a real treat you can gift yourself and when it is all about a fidget spinner, the excitement just increases after you successfully construct one.

With its ability to stimulate the part of the brain that gets bored, this is surely one of the best creation that mankind has ever received and its growing popularity is a real testimony to this fact. While it is primarily tagged as a tool for distraction, it is not so and may be just opposite of it, provided it is used in the right way and at the right time. Hopefully, this best fidget spinners reviews gave you some ideas on what to choose.

When stress can result in formation of so many different types of abnormalities in the body, this tiny little tool simply cools you down. So, shop for it now and release your worries; the fidget spinner is there to calm you down!  

So these were probably the good ones you can find, hope you found something useful.

Please feel free to share this, it took a long time to write! Thanks ? ?

And I also wonder, which fidget spinner are your favorites? Let me know below ⬇

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