Best Outdoor Tanning Lotions: Best Oil For Beach Deep Tan 2021

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What outdoor tanning lotion should you buy?

When the summer is coming up you wanna look tanned and ready for the beach.

In order to bronze and get dark fast, it’s wise to get a tanning intensifier lotion oil to have when you are under the sun. It also works as a protector from your skin for drying out and keep the skin soft. ☀️

With these lotions, you’ll get the perfect tan Quick and Easy. ?

Best Outdoor Tanning Lotions - Top 4 List For Summer

Lotion Product NameBrandOunce/Size
Coconut Kisses GoldenEd Hardy13.5 oz Check Price
Paint It Black 50xMillenium Tanning13.5 Ounce Check Price
Browning LotionMaui Babe8 Ounces Check Price
Sinfully BlackAustralian Gold8.5 Ounce Check Price

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion, 13.5 oz

Coconut kisses is a tan enhancer which gives the skin a golden color without the use of a bronzing agent. To have that dark tan skin is always appealing, but besides having a golden brown color it should be smooth and hydrated. Coconut kisses contain coconut milk and coconut oil, which intensely hydrate the skin and revive the skin cells. Additional nutrients are also present to make the skin healthier.

This is an indoor as well as outdoor tanning lotion which mimics the natural darkening methods our body uses. It enhances the production of melanin in the skin, which imparts brown-golden color to the skin. Unlike outdoor tanning, indoor tanning is free from several side effects like burning and drying of skin.

The ingredients present in coconut kisses accelerate the melanin production. Melanin is essential for imparting color to the skin. Melanin production is directly proportional to the skin color. People with lighter skin complexion possess less melanin and vice versa. Cocoa butter smoothens the surface and coconut oil allows people to get rid of  dry and rough skin. Skin appears as smooth as butter with a pleasant coconut paradise odor, which is really appealing.

The product is really appreciated by the people as it has many advantages over other products which include:

  • It resembles the naturally acting bronze tanning process, thus seems more natural.
  • Smell is loved by many.Its spellbinding smell is mostly admired by everyone who uses the product.
  • Besides providing a tanned look, it also keeps the surface hydrated and moisturized imparting a smooth and shiny texture to the skin.
  • It possesses few antioxidant properties as well, thus it works as an aging defying lotion too. Thus additional anti-aging property is present in lotion.
  • The “bodyFit”, an ingredient which keeps the skin stiff and firm.
  • It is cheap and affordable.
  • If one has a tattoo on his skin, then this is the lotion of choice as it prevents fading of the tattoo.
  • It is intended for tanning bed use.

The product is highly satisfying as no as such complaints are reported. Few users complained of a bad smell after the completion of tanning process, but it is not a major problem as after taking bath person gets rid off from unpleasant smells. ??

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Millenium Tanning Paint it black 50X Auto-darkening Dark Lotion

The product claimed that it produces an extremely dark bronze tanning effect through its silicon emulsion blend. The tanning effect is short lasting and this lotion can be used for occasional purposes like in weddings or some other function. This product provides a darker skin converting a light colored skin to a darker one in short time. This provides additional benefits like it acts like a bronzer, makes the skin firm and a skin-softening moisturizer.

The various pros of the product are:

  • It provides excellent darkening result in shorter time.
  • Nice appealing vanilla smell.
  • Easy to use with tanning beds.
  • It makes the skin smooth due to its great moisturizing capacity.

The main drawback with the product is that it sometimes causes a great allergic reaction. The reaction sometimes may be really severe which requires immediate treatment. It is not recommended for the person having a sensitive skin. Thus, people who desired to use this product should try initially in small quantity to check for allergic reactions.

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And the presence of silicon makes the product expensive thus it is not afforded by all the people. Thus, it is not economical.

-Few people complained of delayed tanning.

-This also imparts good dark color to the skin and tattoos are well demarcated.

Precautions while using the product are-

  • Don’t use the product for too long as it may cause skin allergies.
  • Not recommended for pale skin types.
  • Always use a tanning oil along with tanning lotion to accelerate the darkening process and for better results. ?

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Maui Babe Browning Lotion 8 Ounces

As the name says “Browning” that is, it makes the body brown instantly. This product acts too quickly.It is made from a secret family formula which includes all the Hawaiian ingredients with additional ingredients which include aloe Vera for providing relief from burns.

This lotion accelerates the natural darkening procedure, thus one need not sit for hours under the sun to get the desired darkening effect. It is safe for all skin types, thus eliminating the danger of skin reaction. Hence, these are widely used. This can even be used with SPF-30 sunscreen lotion thus extending the stay under the sun.

The most important point that one should remember while using these lotions is that they get activated only under UV rays, thus the presence of UV rays is mandatory in order to achieve a desired level of tanning.

The major advantages of the product are that it creates an even tanning, user -friendly and it is a natural way of sun bathing. It is easier to use and works quickly without blocking the pores. Thus, it is a natural way of getting some color, which uses natural ingredients and thus causing less cosmetic issues. This is the more natural way of producing brownish color.

The users complained of disgusting smell which is disliked by the people. The skin appears greasy after the application of products which makes the surface look oily. It is not recommended for the one who requires darkening effect without spending time under the sun since it is a natural tan but not a self tanner. It works only when appropriate exposure to sun is provided after the application of the product So the person who avoids sitting under the sun for long should not use this natural method of tanning rather he/she should opt for tanning beds. ☀️

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Australian Gold Sinfully Black 15x Deep Dark Bronzing Tanning Lotion

It is one of the best bronzer at reasonable price which provides bronze tanning effect which resembles the natural skin. It contains caramel, monoide tahiti extract and walnut extract which works effectively to provide 15 times greater bronzing effect. It contains ingredients like hemp seed oil along with vitamins and sunflower oil, which is responsible for imparting smooth texture to the skin. Its amazing berry fragrance is highly appealing.

But the fragrance last as long as the darkening effect is being produced. Once the darkening effect is produced, then it produces an unpleasant odor, thus after application of this product one should take a bath to get rid off unpleasant smell. It’s a solid product for my best outdoor tanning lotions list.

It provides beautiful brown color to the skin even with only one session in a regular tanning bed. Additional benefit includes-

  • Keep skin moisturized.
  • Works great with all skin types, thus no special precaution should be taken while using this product.

But a few cases of skin rash and skin itching have been reported thus not recommended for sensitive skin types. A skin test is recommended before the application of lotion.

The major benefit with the indoor tanning lotion is that they use UVA only instead of UVB rays as there is increased risk of skin cancer with the latter.

-Another benefit with them is that they don’t need to have SPF as they already possess such ingredient which have all the desired qualities.

-The indoor tanning  lotions enhance the UV rays rather than blocking them, thus facilitating the darkening effect.

-Recommended for shorter tanning session resulting in quicker tan.

-Apart from all this it keeps the surface softer and prevent it from drying.Usually under normal sunlight, the skin becomes tan, but besides that, it also becomes dry and rough. Thus to prevent that one needs tanning lotions. This would suffice the user.

-Skin remains tanned for longer duration and thus produces long acting effects.

-The main advantage of using these tanning intensifier lotion is that they prevent burning of skin under sunlight and produces an even darkening effect.

-Prevent after tan odor. ?

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How to tan safely outdoors?

Sun bath is a desire of many people residing in western countries. Summertime is the time for beaches. Lying under the sunlight to get the sun-kissed look is an intense desire of many people. Onelaying on the beach with a sun hat should use all the safety measure as the dangerous ultraviolet rays increase the risk of skin cancer. When exposed to sunlight melanin cells are stimulated and thus produces blackening. To prevent adverse effects one should opt for desired precautions before going out in the sun. A few essential steps should be taken to protect the skin from harmful effect of sunlight-

  • Exfoliate the skin

The best way is to exfoliate the surface. This act removes the dead layer and allows a fresher skin to appear on the top. This will prevent the pore blockage and protect the skin from acne. This can be done by the act of scrubbing, using an appropriate scrubber. The use of these scrubbers allows the surface to tan more evenly and easily as the dead layer is removed. Scrubbing should be done more frequently to provide better darkening effect. The regular use of scrubber causes more and more tannin.

  • Wear a sunscreen

SPF or sun protection factor extends the time one can spend in the sun but they do not prevent tanning. The higher the sun protection factor higher the protection against burning ultraviolet rays of the sun. One should apply 2 mg per square centimeter to protect the surface from harmful ultraviolet radiations. One should apply a sunscreen 20 minutes before he /she gets out for work. This should be kept in mind as it requires some time to produce its effect. Instant application will not protect the skin from radiations immediately.

One should use a sun protection factor of 30 to get a better result.

  • Do not overexpose the skin to constant sunlight light-

Expose the skin to sunlight at regular interval. Do not sit the whole day on a beach as it may cause sunburn. Divide the time and provide adequate sunlight to produce a darkening effect. Avoid getting out in the sun from 10 am to 4 PM as the ultraviolet rays are strongest at these hours in the summer season. During summer season one should take early morning sunlight to get a better darkening bronzed effect.

Wear sunglasses and a hat to protect your face and eyes-

The skin around the eyes are most vulnerable and it may cause serious eye diseases like cataract and age-related macular degeneration. Choose an appropriate time. During summers avoid getting out in sun during afternoon hours.

  • Use self tanning spray or oil to accelerate the brownish color process-These oils do not block the sun rays but they concentrate the radiations on the surface thus enhancing the darkening effect.
  • Apply a tanning lotion whose effect is accelerated or enhanced in the presence of sunlight. Applying such lotion will provide natural darkening effect without the need of a Bronzing agent.
  • Eat sun friendly foods

Certain foods increase a substance called lycopene, the skin’s own skin protecting factor. An antioxidant found in tomatoes and oranges provide sun protection thus preventing harmful effects of radiations. Green tea is a rich antioxidant. Dark chocolate contains abundant flavonoids, which also protect against sunburn. Eat food containing lots of omega fatty acids. All these reduces the risk of sunburn and provide a good bronzed darkening effect.

Thus, one should follow all these measures to tan safely outdoors. Apart from all this, one should limit the duration of exposure in summer days as ultraviolet rays are strongest at this season. The best way to tan yourself is to go out in the sun for short intervals at regular interval of time with repeated use of sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Sunscreen should be applied at a regular interval of time to prevent sunburn.

Why use tanning lotion?

This question may arise in one’s mind that why to use these lotions when one can get tanned easily under sunlight without the applications of these expensive products. But one should not forget that tanning is not only the motive. Sun bathing should be done in such a way that skin quality is not degraded. Sun bathing should not cause sunburn that’s why the use of the lotion is highly recommended to maintain good skin. Skin quality is enhanced and surface appears soft and shiny.

The use of lotion depends on a person’s skin type and need. Application of the lotion should be done in an appropriate manner to get best results.

Use reflective sheet or towel to focus the sunlight.

-Water reflects sunlight this will allow to get a tan faster and easily as reflection will cause more and more light to concentrate on the body’s surface. So people lying on floatation devices on water will tan more easily as compared to others.

Position yourself to the direct sunlight. Rotate your body frequently to tan yourself evenly.

Despite so many measures taken above, there is usually no such way to protect your body from ultraviolet rays. So it is better to reduce the exposure.

Sun exposure is essential for the production of vitamin D and to prevent various bone related disorder. Doctors recommend a sun bath to the one suffering from hyperthyroidism and osteoporosis. And few people recommend that sunlight enhances the production of serotonin in the body thus preventing depression. To avail so many benefits of sunlight, besides sun bathing one needs to opt for safer tanning precautions before going out.

But besides all this, one should keep in mind that regular sun bathing may harm the surface cells and increases the chances of skin cancer in the long run. So it should be very clear that the use of such products should be done in a limit. So now we have covered this and my reviews let go on with why you would want to have one at the beach. ?

Why do you want to use tanning oils?

Just like tanning lotions, The oils products accelerate the darkening process by promoting the production of melanin or by increasing blood flow to the skin thus enhancing the sun bathing effect. Increased blood flow to skin will bring larger quantities of melanin to the top most layer of the surface thus accelerating the darkening process. They also attract ultraviolet light to the surface, thus stimulating melanocyte present on the surface of skin. As these cells are stimulated melanin production is increased which produce sun bathing color. This works in a biological way to produce the darkening effect. ?

The tanning lotion requires the additional use of tanning oil to accelerate the sun bathing process. Few tanning intensifier lotions work only when appropriate exposure to sunlight is provided thus tanning oil are used along with them to facilitate sun bathing.

Tanning oil contain bronzers to further enhance darkening. Most widely used bronzer in the oil is dihydroxyacetone which acts with the surface layer. Another benefit of tanning oil is that they act as moisturizer which is an important ingredient. These oils hydrate the surface and prevent it from drying. There are also spray tanning that also can give good results, tanning lotions works good as well whatever you prefer.

The main drawback with these products is that they do not provide protection against ultraviolet radiation, thus the use of sunscreen is mandatory along with these oils to protect the surface from harmful radiations.

Tanning oil contains vitamin E which is an antioxidant and protects the skin against aging. The the oil should include essential oils like coconut oil, hemp oil and riboflavin which protects the surface in the long run.

The steps for applying it-

  • Always clean your body before application of oil. While on a beach get rid off dust particles before application of the oil.
  • Pour a small amount of oil in your palms and then rub against your body.
  • Massage properly and apply the oil to each and every part of the body in a proper manner.
  • Remain indoors for at least 10 min after application of oil so that it is absorbed through the surface properly.
  • Tan for 20 minutes. Avoid getting a tan at afternoon hours.
  • Rinse off the oil and apply sunscreen lotion care.

This will provide a long lasting effect and provide evenly tanned body. ?

The ingredients present in these oils are as follows-

  • Sunflower oil-

This has superior moisturizing power and when used with vitamin A and D provide greater protection.

  • Coconut oil-

Preferred for sensitive skin type and due to its appealing fragrance.

  • Lanolin-

Extracted from oil glands in the sheep and acts as an emollient that is produced a moisturizing effect.

  • Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide- synthetically produced chemicals which spread out ultraviolet radiations away from the surface.
  • Cocoa butter-

These are extracted from cocoa beans, and these smoothen the surface and makes the surface appear velvety soft.

  • Green tea extract-

This is widely used to prevent sunburn and counteract the free radicles generated by ultraviolet radiations.

  • Vitamin C and vitamin E-

Have antioxidant and repairing property .Vitamin C provide elasticity to the skin and delays aging process

  • Eucalyptus oil-

This has a function of opening the pores naturally.

Tanning oil along with the tanning lotion makes the job easier.

If one wants to get properly tanned without getting sunburned, he /she must stick to the instructions.

Use of these lotions and tanning oils should be done in a limit as overuse of everything is hazardous to health. While choosing your prefered lotion to keep in mind about the skin allergies. Choose tanning oil according to your skin type. The appropriate use of these products is essential for proper sun bathing as well as proper results with no side effects.

So these were the best tanning products, hope you found something useful.

How do you tan or got any tips? Leave a comment below and share this article. ?

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