Best Tortilla Press Reviews Cast Iron Aluminum Electric: Buyers Guide [2021]

best electric tortilla press review


Victoria 8 inch Cast Iron

  • Very Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Affordable

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Budget Pick

Chef Pro – Tortilla Maker Flat Bread Maker

  • Non-sticky
  • Ultra-fast baking
  • Temperature control feature

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Best Pick

Norpro 6-Inch Tortilla Press, Cast Aluminum

  • Easy to use
  • Time-saver
  • Highly Durable

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What are the perfect tortilla press?

If you are looking to start cooking and need tortilla presses that are available in the market then you can choose from the options given with the comparison below.

These presses are easily found in the market and are also on the internet, we’ve checked all the qualities for the best tortilla press.

The Best Tortilla Press Review 2019

1. Victoria Cast Iron Best Tortilla Press and Pataconera review

Best Tortilla Press
As we mentioned above, cast iron makes baking your tortillas enjoyable and is widely popular.

But since there are many available in the market that looks similar so this makes it very hard to find the right one.

This cast iron tortilla press from the Victoria is one of the best and is fairly efficient when it comes to making the tortilla.

This press is made in Colombia and is available in many different countries.

Moreover, If we talk about its popularity, then we can say that in the category of cast iron, this one has made a special place in customer’s views and has become one of the best sellers. So let’s talk about its features.

The cast iron built of this press has made it very easy to use. A press with very little force can make the work very easy. Since the press is heavy duty, so it can be said that it is very much durable.

best electric tortilla press reviews

There is one more thing about this press that makes it different from other cast iron tortilla presses and that is the improvements made at its base as well as the handle. These new improvements have made this tortilla press much more durable than any other cast iron tortilla press available in the market.

Moreover, this iron press is so popular that it has many imitators that are available in the market. So it gets hard to differentiate them. So before buying this one, make sure that it is authenticated by Victoria. Also, know that it is being made in Colombia since 1986.

So once you buy this one, you’ll notice the smoothness, efficiency and the ease it offers while making the perfectly round and evenly shaped tortillas.

But there’s one more thing; this tortilla press can also be used for making other things rather than just making the tortillas. You can make tostones, dumplings, patacon, pisao etc.

In short, we can say that this is the one to buy.

If you are really looking for a press so that you can use it almost every day or more frequently then this one is a great option.

It is durable, it is heavy and it reduces the labor.

Also, if you buy this cast iron press then you get an extra screw and that also for free.

That screw is for the lever just in case anything happens. There’s also the instruction manual that comes with it so that everyone can understand and everyone can use it.

And it is low maintenance so you don’t have to worry much about it.

Just put it in a spot where you can access it easily and enjoy your tortilla making experience.

So overall we can say that this tortilla press is worth buying as it is cheap and works efficiently for a long time.


> Very sturdy

> Highly affordable

> Strongly built

> Durable


> Heavy

> The handle being intact can’t be promised

Yes! – Check price!

2. Norpo Tortilla Press, cast aluminum review

This 6-inch tortilla press is the only aluminum press that you’ll ever need.

Aluminum ones are not that great in terms of durability and efficiency as they take up more manpower than other tortilla presses because of their lightweight.

But this does not mean that they are the worst. These aluminum presses have their own advantages.

So let’s talk about this cast aluminum press. This press from Norpo is a promising product as it shows results that are surprising. The tortillas made in this press are very much even and beautifully shaped. It comes in two different sizes- 6 inches and 8 inches.

pressing dough with the press

When you are looking for, making tortillas in a party or a small event where you don’t want to spend much on a tortilla press and still want to feed your guests the astonishingly tasty tortillas then this becomes a great option.

This cast aluminum press has a beautiful look and its shiny surface makes it more attractive. Also, the tortillas are easy to make in this press because of a lot of reasons like it might not be heavy, but its strong built makes it easy to use and requires much less effort to press the handle.

Also, it is durable and sturdy and most importantly, it has an excellent leverage.

So if you are thinking of making a large number of tortillas in a short period of time, then you can easily rely on this press.

The best part of this press is that it is very easy to maintain. The only difference between this one and the cast iron one is that it is lighter in weight.

Its light weight gives it an upper hand when we compare it to the traditional cast iron press.

All you have to do is put the dough ball at the center of it and press the handle. You’ll get perfectly round tortilla dough, which is ready to cook in no time.

There is one more factor that makes it worth buying and that factor is its price.

This press is really cheap and there would be no need to give a second thought to it while buying as the price is attractive and the service offered by this press is surprisingly well. Also, you can easily maintain it.

This press is very easy to clean and store.

It is believed that aluminum tortilla presses are not very durable, but this one has broken all the stereotypes and come out as one of the best sellers in the market. But still, there are some precautions that one must take while using this, like don’t use too much pressure while pressing the handle as the aluminum plates are not that strong and are known to get bent in most cases.

When you buy this press, you get a recipe book for free with it. So we can say that one must consider buying this product as this is a money saver and works astonishingly well.


> Easy to use

> Very cheap

> Durable

> Time-saver


> Not that strong

Yes! – Check price!

3. Chef Pro tortilla maker/ Flat bread maker review

This 10-inch tortilla maker is actually something that everyone should have.

Being electric makes it easy to use and highly efficient than any other type of tortilla maker.

If you are looking for an electric tortilla maker, then this one is recommended because of its fairly popular customer reviews and the results it gives.

Since it is electric, this makes it very much evident that it’ll be expensive, but if you really want an electric tortilla press then it costs a lot.

The thing is, not all electric tortilla makers are same and different types of makers give different results so if you want to make tortillas or rotis or moo shoo pancakes then this one is a great choice.

This one reduces the human effort from one to zero. Also, if we look at the price then we can say that this is cost effective.

Also, if you are concerned about the price of this tortilla price, then you can always go for the smaller size since the price changes with the size of these presses.

Now let’s talk about what you get in this electric tortilla press. This press offers a non-stick surface to cook the perfectly round tortillas and makes the cleaning of the residual very easy.

Also, you get the temperature controller settings in this one. You can easily learn about how to use these settings from the manual that they give.

The manual that comes with this press is a little hard to follow, but once you get to know how to use this press, it becomes very easy to use this press. There is also an option of going 1200-watts.

This is included so that if anyone wants to do ultra-fast baking, then it can be done easily.

The overall tortilla making experience is okay with it. An electric tortilla press is only recommended if you really want it as there are a lot of complexities in these presses and not everyone can understand how to use them.

If we talk specifically about this press then in its case, the press works perfectly fine and gives surprisingly good results. Also, when it comes to the price, there is not much room for negotiation as it works accordingly.

It might be more expensive than the other traditional tortilla presses, but the price at which it is offered is pretty much justified. It cooks the tortillas easily and has a strong built.

Also, it is electric so not much effort is needed to use it as most of the work is done automatically.

It can be great for regular use but it takes time to understand the functions of this press and that is is the only downside of this press.

Apart from that, it is a great product available in the market and is worth spending money on.


> Non-stick

> Has temperature control feature

> Ultra-fast baking

> Cost-efficient


> A little complex to understand

Yes! – Check price!

Tortilla press NameInchesElectric
Check PriceVictoria 8 inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press8 InchNo
Check PriceNorpro Tortilla Press, Cast Aluminum6 InchesNo
Check PriceChef Pro Tortilla Maker/Flat Bread Maker10 InchYes

Guide for choosing the right press

One of the most popular machines in Mexico, a tortilla press is a metallic or wooden made tool.

This tool looks very simple and has three main components- handle, base and top.

This device has a different name in Mexico. In Mexico, it is widely known as “tortilladora.”

As the name suggests, it is used to make hot tortillas.

But because of its low efficiency, it is used mainly to make corn tortillas.

A ball of masa is placed at the very center of the press, and once the pressure is applied, the ball of masa is formed into flat and round tortillas.

History of the tortilla press.

Before the introduction of the tortilla press, the traditional way of making the tortilla press is somewhat standard around the world.

The dough is placed between the palms and is flattened.

Usually, the process of crushing the tortillas is a bit more complicated than that.

best tortilla press
Crispy chicken with cheese on a tortilla bread

The professionals pat their palms back and forth with the tortilla dough in their hand to make that perfectly round tortilla.

How to use a tortilla press?

While making tortillas using the tortilla press, there are not many things you want other than the dough and the tortilla press.

But still, there is something that you can use to make the whole tortilla making the process easier.

The one thing that you can add while using the tortilla press is a butter paper or waxed paper.

All this paper does is prevent the dough from getting stuck to the press.

So for using the tortilla press, use of two papers is recommended.

In Mexico or in restaurants where they sell tortillas use plastic bags.

Since these bags are easily accessible so they used it instead of waxed papers, but that’s not applied to everyone using the tortilla press.

Let’s discuss how to use the tortilla press.

Step #1

Cut two equal sized squares from a butter paper or a plastic sheet.

The plastic from grocery bags can also be used for this purpose. Now put one paper on the base of the tortilla press.

On top of that paper, put a dough ball that is used for making the tortilla.

Step #2

Now put another paper on the dough ball to completely cover it. Now close the base plate by lowering the top plate.

Step #3

Once you do that, firmly bring the handle down and press it.

Step #4

After doing the first press, open the press.

You’ll see that the dough is flattened. But that’s not enough.

So, flip the flattened dough by holding both the papers.

Step #5

Now, repeat the same step again.

After pressing dough the second time, you’ll notice that the dough has become wider, rounder and evenly shaped.

Step #6

It is time to cook the tortilla so peel off the papers from the tortilla.

Now the tortilla is ready to cook.

For cooking, you can use a medium hot pan and put the tortilla on it.

Now cook it until it starts to inflate.

Once it happens, flip it and cook its other side.

This will give you a perfect, warm tortilla.

Different types of tortilla presses.

Since tortilla press is not something that is found in a specific country or place, this makes it easy to find the variants.

Around the world, there are different types of tortilla press from handheld to electrical.

Most importantly, there is a variety of materials used for making the press itself.

The materials used for making the tortilla press are rather efficient and these varieties of tortilla presses can be easily found in the market or on the internet.

So let’s talk about the different types of tortilla press and know the difference that sets them apart from one another.

And also know which one is best for you.

1. Cast aluminum tortilla press

Since aluminum is known for being light and very much easy to handle so we can expect from the cast aluminum tortilla press to be light weighted.

Moreover, these presses have a shiny body with reflecting surface.

best electric tortilla press review

But there is one thing that can be said as the downside of these presses and that’s the effort.

Because of their light body, these presses take up a lot more effort than any other.

For making tortillas in cast aluminum press, one will have to push a little bit harder in order to flatten the dough.

This can result in snapping of the press if the pressure applied is too much.

Aluminum tortilla presses are not really preferred when it comes to long-term use so people are advised to buy accordingly.

2. Cast iron tortilla press

The cast iron tortilla press is popular around Mexico and is mostly preferred because of their built and efficiency.

Their size a vary anywhere from 6 inches to 8 inches.

These iron presses are so popular that many celebrity chefs recommend their use for making the tortillas.

The best part about these tortilla presses is that just one press is enough to make those perfectly round tortillas.

This is because of their heavy weight.

The iron used in making these tortilla presses is strong and heavy which makes the whole usage easy.

One barely needs to apply force as the press does most of the work itself.

This cast iron tortilla press makes the tortilla making process a lot easier than the aluminum ones.

The aluminum ones are recommended for those who make the tortillas frequently or on a regular basis.

Also, it is advised to put them in a specific spot because of their weight. These presses tend to be heavier, which can be both advantage and disadvantage for the user.

Disadvantage because their heavyweight can make it hard to move these presses from one place to another.

Traditionally, these iron presses were made in Mexico, but now they can be found in many different countries.

In cast iron, you also get three different varieties that a person can choose from.

3. Encino wood tortilla press

The rare piece of wood makes this tortilla press very hard to find but makes it very easy to use.

The quality of the wood is what makes it formidable.

The size of this tortilla press is what attracts a lot of customers.

These tortilla presses are a little smaller in size and are more compact than any other press.

But this doesn’t mean that they make small tortillas.

You still get an 8-inch base that is big enough to make regular sized tortillas.

Now let’s talk about the wood used.

The Encino wood is a top grade wood.

It is very hard and has a strong built.

It is the white oak that is very much native to the Mexico.

Apart from the regular wooden tortilla presses that are found in the market, the Encino wood tortilla press is pretty different from them.

Also, apart from Encino wood, pine wood is also famous amongst many tortilla press stores, but the thing with these woods is that they are light weighted and they are not strong enough to take too much pressure.

Wood like pine is not really recommended.

So if you are looking for a tortilla press then you better buy a good one.

So if you don’t want an iron one and are looking for a wooden one, then we’d suggest Encino wood.

4. Electric tortilla press

It was always known that the electric ones will hit the market as soon as the traditional tortilla presses were introduced.

There is not much to say about this press apart from the fact that they are worth buying.

There are different varieties of electric tortilla presses available in the market.

Moreover, these electric tortilla presses are very easy to use. There is not much you have to do with these.

All you have to do is plug them in and put a dough ball in between in consecutive plates and close it.

This will cook the tortillas into perfectly round shape. Also, there is another perk of using these.

You can use them to cook rotis, moo shoo pancakes etc.


If you are looking to get a tortilla press, then ask yourself the purpose of it.

If you want to buy a press for regular use and something that works for the long term then buy accordingly.

Also, if you want a press that you’ll be needing for a short period of time like for a get-together or a small event then look for something cheaper. It is usually suggested to buy the cast iron ones.

Apart from being heavy and hard to carry around, they are popular amongst many popular chefs and are used in big restaurants.

They are also not very expensive. But it is your call to make, so choose wisely.

So which one did you buy?

If you have anything to add feel free to leave a comment and share this article!


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