How To Get A Free Ps5? – (Ultimate Guide 2020)

how to get a free ps5

With the release of the highly anticipated PlayStation 5, many wonder how you can a hands of a ps5 for free.

Now you might been short of cash and can’t buy it right now it would be nice to get a ps5 for free.

I doubt you can find anywhere where you can just walk in and get one for free, but there are other legit ways.

Here are some ways you can try to get one for free.

Enter all promotion raffles and win a ps5

win playstation 5 promo doritos find all 4

With the release of ps5 there are a ton of new promotion by companies offering competitions to win it for free. Look for Burger king, Doritos, Taco bell and such.

Look up what the rules are and get started often it is online or it’s by buying their products and using a code that comes with it to enter the raffle.

Learn more about Doritos PlayStation prizes here.

Enter any tournaments to win

Check out Spider Man Miles Morales on Amazon here.

Look for all the online tournaments that has the playstation 5 as prize and start practicing that game. Train very hard to have a shot at winning it all. Then you can enjoy and brag about it too.

Look for Ps5 giveaways

Look on youtube, instagram, tiktok or all social media for big accounts that are hosting a giveaway. Often it’s follow/subscribe them and leave a comment then if you are really lucky you could win one for free.

Don’t just join one giveaway search for many, the more the better for increasing the chance.

Be a tech reviewer

Build a huge YouTube channel or be a social media influencer. Start working hard creating good content to get followers then approach Sony about a potential deal where you can review the ps5 and keep it afterwards.

You also get some of the staple games to review such as Spiderman Miles Morales, NBA 2k21, Godfall, and more and hopefully you’ll keep it all afterwards.

So get started now.

Wish it as a gift

If you have an upcoming birthday or Christmas time coming soon. You may ask and wish it as a present if you are fortunate enough. Might be worth a try.

Start saving money now to buy one

As you can see it’s not easy to just get one for free, but you could start saving today to purchase one unit in the future. You can simply start by saving $5 a day and you’ll be able to buy one in 100 days.

Or if you can save more obviously you can buy one faster.

Playstation 5 goes for $499 depending on where you live.

Playstation 5 Features

Playstation 5 is packed with the latest technologies and good hardware. It also has a complete new design looking nothing like before and is a staple piece in your living room.

It’s very big compared to previous PlayStation and is in beautiful white color that lights blue when starting it up.

Here are some of the features it has:

  • Ray tracing, it enables you to get realistic real life reflections in-game. It’s only supported in the newly released game such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales and many more. Though you sacrifice some FPS for it but it may be worth it.
  • Play 4K gaming resolution on your TV but make sure your TV is 4K first.
  • Up to 120 smooth frames per second with 120Hz output, which enables incredible smooth and fluid game play. Nothing like ever seen before on previous consoles.
  • It comes with a disc edition or digital only edition.
  • Lightning speed loading times, with the new super optimized SSD hard drives all games will load super fast compared to before when GTA could load in 15 minutes now it takes roughly one-two minutes. You can also expand the storage in the future with a m2 SSD.

Check price of Playstation 5 here.

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