How To Subscribe On Twitch For Free With Amazon Prime


In this guide I’ll show you how to subscribe on twitch for free with amazon prime.

It’s super fast and easy to do, you just need two things:

1. account

2. Amazon prime account – Sign up for 30 day Free trial Amazon twitch prime -> Try Twitch Prime

Sign up on

If you already have a twitch account you can skip this step.

Go to

Click sign up top right corner

twitch signup

Fill in your login details, password, mail and hit Sign up

twitch sign up form

Then proceed to login.

Sign up for Amazon twitch prime

Amazon offers 30 days FREE trial of Amazon Prime which you then can connect to your Twitch account and you can now subscribe to your favorite streamer for free 1 month.

Start by sign up here for the trial:

twitch prime free trial

Then go to your stream you want to subscribe to.

Click the drop-down button ‘Subscribe’ then ‘Start Your Free Trial’ that has a crown on it.

free subscription twitch

Then you will be redirected to Amazon and click ‘Enable Twitch Prime’

enable twitch prime

Then you will log in to your Amazon account that has Prime on it and that will link your Twitch account to your Amazon account.

link twitch account

After you linked your twitch account and your Amazon, go to your favorite streamer and press ‘Subscribe for free’ and you’re done!

If you continue with your Amazon Prime subscription then every 30 days you can resubscribe to either the same streamer or you can choose to use your prime sub on another streamer.

resubscribe free twitch

And also you get a cool little crown badge in the chat that shows you subscribed with a twitch prime subscription. amazon prime twitch chat badge

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