How To Get Twitch Prime Fortnite Skins For Free

free fortnite skins twitch prime


In this tutorial i’ll show you how to get Free Fortnite skins with Twitch Prime.

It’s super easy & fast and just follow this step by step.

Sign up for Amazon Prime

First you need to sign up for a 30-Day FREE Trial on Amazon Prime here

free fortnite skins twitch prime

Click “Start your free 30-day trial”

You do need an amazon account and a credit card when signing up.

Link your Twitch account with Amazon Prime

Make sure you have a account and you’re logged in.

Then go to Twitch Prime to link your accounts.

Click ‘Enable Twitch Prime’.

fortnite skins twitch prime link

Then when it asks Link Twitch account click ‘Confirm’

Now when both accounts are linked you actually get a free twitch subscription you can use to support your favorite streamer. Read: how to subscribe on twitch for free

Go to twitch and claim the Fortnite offer

Once linked go to Twitch and click top rich corner on the crown and click on ‘Claim Offer’

claim fortnite twitch prime pack offer

Go to Epic Games and link your twitch account

Now you need to go to here on Epic Games and link your account.

Click ‘Have twitch prime?’ button.

epic games link twitch prime account

Then choose to login in with your Fortnite account

how to get twitch fortnite skin

Then choose your platform you’re playing on and login on that platform.

After that click authorize when it asks to connect to your Twitch account.

Note: you can only claim your loot on a single platform (PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC)

Wait a few minutes and restart Fortnite and your new skins and a glider is there.


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